NaNoWriMo Day 30 + 14

Yes, this project is still moving through the water, albeit very slowly, but progress is being made.

For the moment we are out of the snow storms and freezing cold, and meandering through a much more temperate part of the realm.

It’s a time to discover that people fear the unknown. My father once told me of soldiers in the second world war, their orders were to shoot first and ask questions later.

Has that changed much in any war? Or street battle between rival organisations or gangs?

These days it’s guns wreaking the damage, but back in the past, the old, old, old, old days it was swords, lances, bows and arrows, maces, and a few other interesting but painful implements.

To save the realm, these disaffected people need to be brought back into the fold, but decades, even centuries had festered the ill feelings between the others makes it nigh on impossible.

Sound like something going on right under our noses?

For those keeping an eye on the word count, this session, 3,842 words for a running total of 129,742.

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