NaNoWriMo Day Nineteen

As a result of a sit down with Chester, who has been keeping am eye on the progress of the project, or at least that’s what he thinks, we’ve decided that there’s going to be a slight change.

Plan or not, writing the story was always going to go the way the characters want to go, and I’ve decided that the two protagonists are not going to have a happily ever after.

They can’t.

It was a pie in the sky notion that they could given the nature of their professions. But it’s not only that, it comes down the the plans their employer has for them, and it certainly isn’t for them to be together.

So, they way it’s written they were about to have that intimate moment when commonsense took over, and instead of being together, they are apart in her apartment.

She wanted him to stay, he wanted to stay, but there are forces in play that dictate caution.

Then the plot twist no one saw coming.

I’m excited about the next ten days.

Stay tuned

This is Baldrick on the line, I have a cunning plan

And for those who know nothing of Rowan Atkinson and his endless episodes of Blackadder, the name Baldrick would be equally as puzzling.

But for those who do, you will recognize the significance of the statement.

Baldrick always had a cunning plan, almost inevitably doomed to failure.

I lump my plan, scheme, borrowed or stolen idea into this category, because it needs outside help, support, encouragement, discouragement, whatever input you feel is necessary.

AS well, if you so desire, participation.

A long time ago I realized I was never going to be able to pay for marketing assistance from the ‘experts’.

OIn reading their material on their webpages, and blogs, it quickly came about that all of these used the same premise, dressed up in different words, all of which was to get you to hand over what little money you didn’t have, with the disclaimer that it worked for them, but it might not work for you.

$50 gone, no result and no comeback.  You read the disclaimer.

And, sadly when I tried several ‘products’ I discovered not only were they basically the same (who sold them the get rich quick template?) and offered no advice I hadn’t trawled the internet first for.

I thought, also, for a short time, I might do the same as they, but in the end, I know what it’s like to have a book, the desire to make it available to others, good or bad reviews withstanding, and not have to spend a fortune doing it (with no hope of guaranteed success).

Of course, there was the rub, since I couldn’t afford to market it, there were no good or bad reviews.

Perhaps a pact could be made where we each buy each other’s book and write a review.

We could call it a ‘The Gathering of Eagles’ since we all want to soar!

Let me know if you’re interested to



Conversations with my cat – 65


This is Chester.  We both agree that summer has come early.

But that’s about all we can agree on.   I’m going to start calling him a cranky cat.

For the last week or so the temperature has been hovering in the low 30-degree Celcius mark, and we have been subjected to the constant aroma of smoke from bushfires raging north and south of us.

Normally, the hot weather doesn’t arrive until after the middle of November, and then the temperatures are around 30 degrees with moderate humidity.

Now, it is hot, with Sunday being about 36 degrees Celcius, and not a day to venture outside the airconditioning.

And, that’s where the cranky cat and I disagree.

He likes to sit at the back door and collect the breeze that flows from the front door to the back door and hates it when I run the airconditioning because I have the doors closed.

When that happens, he comes into the office and sits on the table next to the printer with his angry face on.

I figure using the printer might disturb his protest, but it doesn’t.

And to ignore him is at your own peril because, after a few minutes of silent protest, he comes over and starts pushing keys on the keyboard.

One day I expect he will type ‘you are a very bad servant’ for that I am.

Now, where’s the food he really hates!

Searching for locations: Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is as much about skiing in Winter as it is hiking in Summer or any other time.  It is, in fact, the ideal place for a holiday any time of the year.

We have stayed there simply to relax, though with all that scenery, and stuff to do, it’s nearly impossible to stay indoors all the time.

Usually, we stay in a place called Queenstown Mews, not far from the lake, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to walk down to the lake and follow the shoreline around to the town, and have coffee and cake as a fitting reward for the exercise.

Along the way, there is the view of the Remarkables:

And, further around, behind the park and gardens, a spectacular view across the lake towards Walter Peak farm:

To get to the farm you can either drive a very, very long way or take the T.S.S. Earnslaw, otherwise known as the ‘Lady of the Lake’.

This vessel plies Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown to mostly Walter Peak Farm but has been known, on occasions, to go to Kingston or Glenorchy.

Here it’s sitting at the pier at Queenstown, ready to depart for Walter Peak Farm.


And this is it returning to Walter Peak Farm to take the visitors back to Queenstown.


We have been to Walter Peak Farm for Afternoon Tea and Dinner, and both occasions were an amazing experience.  You can also get up close and to the animals

There are other experiences to be had in Glenorchy. and the views whilst driving there are every bit as spectacular, especially as late afternoon settles in:

And in visiting the Lord Of the Rings filming locations.

Then there is Kingston, where the road follows the lake and you are literally between the mountains and the lake:

Kingston used to have a train running, which then became a tourist attraction, but for the moment does not seem to be running currently.

But for me, the real experiences is travelling on the vessel.

Not bad for 103 years old.

NANOWRIMO Day Eighteen


The problem of the day before are gone, and I get back to the plan.

Today I have concentrated on the side excursion I’d come up with the other day and thought it could wait, but I’m at a point, further on, where I need to have this written in order to feed into the main story.

I’m in two minds how this should be written because I had two sketched out two possible outcomes, and one leads to quite a different ending.

The plan, son, the plan!

I write it as it should be, and the other outcome gets crossed out, and the outline sent to the ‘to be written sometime in the future’ pile.  It’s a strong enough ending to power it’s own story.

I might even become a sequel.

Hang on, don’t get carried away.  Get this one finished first.

Plots ripped from newspaper front pages

Sometimes the headlines are ripped from the blurb of an international best-selling novel

Take for instance the latest event generated from the election interference by the Russians scandal in the United States.

Of course, that’s not the only country interested in having an influence in elections, there’s the Chinese in Australia, though in our case it might see some improvement in the childing behaviour of our politicians.

But in the first instance, how would it read?

Take what appears to be an ordinary student in an American University, who has the ability to find and seduce various men with apparent political clout for the purpose of subverting election results. 

This would be rather startling if it was not in the United States because everyone from the national rifle association down knows any politician, federal state or local, can be bought.  There’s also the fact the femme fatale is not all that good looking, but on the other hand, men can always be seduced.

In fact, you would have to question the legitimacy of any elected official in that country because anything to do with politics is susceptible to bribery and corruption from any number of lobby groups, the doyen of which is the NRA.

Just look what they’ve managed to achieve.  Any madman and his dog can now print a gun without restriction and go on a killing rampage.

The Russians are the least of US citizens problems.

I don’t think the stacking of the Supreme Court with conservatives is the main objective unless you want to keep your tax returns under wraps and keep out legitimate immigrants, called ‘dreamers’, but it might have far wider ramifications.

I sat this, 50% of the population is female, and I don’t think they’ve lost the right to vote, yet!

But I digress.

The blurb reads on.

The president, recently elected in what could only have been described as an impossible result, suddenly realizes that the American people are now waking up to the possibility of his election victory was not as impossible or legitimate as originally thought, and has his closest aides scrambling for anything to grab the people attention away from the truth.

A person who is suspected of being a Russian spy has been dragged out of the shadows and put on display.  Fearing that is not enough, a plan is hatched to go to war with the rest of the world on trade and military fronts, so everyone’s attention will be diverted by what seems senseless tariffs and endless attacks on those who were once allies.

But what’s really going on?

Has the president been bought by the Russians, or does he have a darker and more sinister plan afoot?  Are his battles with Russia, China, and North Korea merely diversions?

The balance of power is on a knife-edge and only one man [or woman] can save a world on the brink of nuclear annihilation.

You have to admit it’s a hell of a plotline.