It’s the end.

The last day, but not the last of the story.

Yes, I have almost managed to complete novel in 30 days, but with a few side trips, and changes to the plan on the run, it is mostly written.

The good news?

I’m going to stick with it until I’ve finished, so there will be a few more journal entries to cover the last chapters.

Had it been the length I had originally planned, it would be finished.

I managed to get through the back chapters last night after some distractions, and now its just two, possibly three more, and then one or two for the epilogue, which will be epic.

At the moment the story is about 73,000 words long and will finish closer to 80,000,

It’s been at times a trial, a lot of hard work, but it has been worthwhile. Without the push that NaNoWriMo gives us, it might never have happened.

It’s now three from three, books that will eventually be published.

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