NaNoWriMo Day Twenty Nine

I’m in the middle of writing a new chapter, one that goes back a little in time, but helps set up events that occur later towards the end.

And true to form, it’s going a little off track.

There is scope for it to be a pivotal point in the story but it’s not quite working out that way.

I’m doing this while I’m waiting for my usual Friday grandchild collection from school. Here I have to get here a half hour before puck up time to get a favourable position in the queue.

So it’s a good time to do some writing.

And it’s where I work on one of my stories matched to a photo as inspiration.

Not today.

There are pressures in getting the NaNoWriMo project finished and it’s getting away from me.

This part is not as easy as I hoped, so back to the job. Hopefully there will be better news tomorrow

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