NaNoWriMo Day 30 + 13

Yes, this project is still moving through the water, albeit very slowly, but progress is being made.

As much as it is the height of summer here, and we are sweltering in the high thirties centigrade and 100 percent humidity, my writing takes me to a place where it is very cold. The surrounding are of ice and snow, a proverbial frozen wasteland.

Well, people play around with magic and have little realisation of the consequences, especially when it was originally a fit of anger, and we all know what happens if we get too angry; deeds are done and words that can’t be taken back are said.

It is the reason why it is the way it is, but there are forces afoot to change all that.

So, what really is bad about magic one has to ask.

It’s like everything, the few who abuse the privilege make it bad for the rest. They say they can be trusted not to do the wrong thing, but, alas, people have shattered that faith, and typically after that, no one can be trusted. It is a theme that will be explored.

The story is picking up a few real-life themes as we go along, as there was an example of just that situation recently. Some people, apparently, believe the rules don’t apply to them.

How wrong they were.

For those keeping an eye on the word count, this session, 3,626 words for a running total of 125,900.

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