NaNoWriMo Day 30 + 10

Yes, this project is still moving through the water, albeit very slowly, but progress is being made.

THe story has me hooked, and despite the fact I keep putting it to one side, I still keep going back to it to write another piece.

The stories come to me at night, the dead of night, and, really, I should be sleeping. Then, after writing the piece, it mulls over in my mind while I’m asleep, and I go back to it in the morning to revise, and, lo and behold, I have another idea.

This lot of writing highlights the taciturn nature of Marigold when she has to tolerate fools. Well, in the first instance someone who is supposed to be helping her in her quest, and secondly with the man she was supposed to marry but now wants her dead.

Yes, it’s a bit like real life headlines torn from the national dailies, sometimes.

I wonder if they had newspapers back in the dark ages???

For those keeping an eye on the word count, this session, 4,228 words for a running total of 113,934.

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