NaNoWriMo Day 30 + 7

This is the seventh update since the end of the month, and is nearly the end of another month. Without the dedication to the task as happened in November, it is harder to find the time, particularly when the following month, December, is given over to preparing for the Christmas festivities.

But I have been hiving out an hour or two every day to writing and planning.

For instance, I hadn’t much of a plan for what was to happen after the fifth stone, and a basic concept for the sixth. These have now been fleshed out and various chapters written.

I’m still working on the parallel events happening back at the castle with Ophelia while Marigold is out on the quest, and still needs some more work.

I have an idea what might happen, but, as always happens, when writing, the story tends to take a different course. This time I’ve tried to steer the ship on the right course, and not run aground.

For the bean counters, this session has produced 4,236 words, for a running total of 102,519.

Yes, we’ve cracked the magical 100,000.

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