NaNoWriMo – Day 30 + 6

Work on the novel started in November proceeds. Whereas the work usually finds its way to the bottom drawer, I’m determined to finish it.

I had hoped it would be by the end of December, but stories have a way of writing themselves, and not necessarily to your timetable.

Just finished anther two chapters, and working on another four. I’m trying not to get confused, as sometimes happens when the timeline gets a change or two.

However, I reworked the plan to take into account changes that were needed back a few chapters because I hadn’t quite finished the story arc. I can see how television series can get a little disjointed when not quite sticking to the individual story arcs within the major story line.

Yes, it all sounds complicated and it is, which means I will have to spend some more time in planning.

For the word counters, the total for this session is 4,155 words, giving a running total of 98,283. There is every possibility that the next block will take us over the 100,000 marks.

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