NaNoWriMo – Day 30 + 5

The novel proceeds, though not at the same pace as it did last November.

THe main thing here is that I have not just wrapped it up and put it in the bottom drawer can come back to it another time. Already done that, which is why I made it this years project, so that I could get it done.

But I underestimated the depth of tghe project, thinking I could get it finished.

The trouble is, these types of stories write themselves, and even if you are working to an outline, there’s always more to write to fiull in the gaps you couldn’t forsee when you write that outline.

Like Marigold. I forgot that, like my grand daughter, she had hidden talents and depths which never presented themselves when I first started.

Yes, she was a right royal ‘princess’ in unroyal ways, and the notion that over the quest she had to go on, that she would slowly, subtly, change from a bratty pest to a useful member of the team was envisaged, some of those new trait, thoughts, and abilities have presented themselves when least expected.

Now, she’s almost unrecognisable as the same girl who set out.

But the biggest part of the new story is her sister, Ophelia. I had not really fleshed out her character, not being too sure what she could get up to at home, but she is beginning to shine, and not in a way she might have envisioned for herself.

Perhaps adversary is a good teacher.

For the bean counters, whilst more has been written as various parts of the story proceed as ideas present, the latest word count is 3,245 words for a total so far of 94,128.

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