NaNoWriMo – Day 30 + 3

Well, I’m still writing, though since the start of the grand children’s school holidays has arrived and I’m now the official child minder.

It’s just a constant job jeeping them fed, and amused (I’d like a dollar for every time they’ve said they’re bored) and it is making it difficult to write.

So, it is left to the wee small hours of the morning to get it done, and it is proceeding slowly.

Yesterday I hit a wall (not literally) and couldn’t progress any part of the story because my brain had ceased to work. That’s usually writer’s block or something like that, but it was a mental thing. I had three chapters on the go, and in writing a later one, I’d hoped it would fill in the gaps for the two prior chapters.

It did, eventually, and now it’s flowing again.

Until I get to that great white plain of nothingness, heading for the lookout.

For the bean counters, latest word count is 3,322 for a running total of 87,629.

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