How went my November

It went quickly. One minute it was the 1st and the next it was the 30th.

But then all NaNoWriMo Novembers seem to fly. Especially at the end when it seems you just posted the days work, and all of a sudden, it was the next day.

Because of the full commitment to the NaNo project, nothing else got done. IT didn’t mean that it wasn’t swirling around in my head, it was just there wasn’t enough time. Trying to maintain a social media presence, and write 3,000 words a day is impossible, so I had to abandon some of the social media tasks.

Now, I’m just exhausted.

Today I did something other than writing, a job that I’ve been meaning to get done for a while, finish painting the lounge room window frames. It’s not a large job, just time consuming, but it provided some relief from having to come up with new ideas for the story.

My NaNo project reached nearly 80,000 words for the month, and got to Chapter 55 of a planned 99. I had not expected it would take so many to cover the story. I am still working on it, and there will be updates throughout December.

As for everything that was on hold, work will recommence shortly.

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