NaNoWriMo – Day 28

In a mad rush to get the story finished, but that now won’t happen in the time frame.

I’m in the middle of the quest to recover the artifacts, and Marigold has so much more to learn about the realm and herself.

And I’ve notice a little of what’s happening in our world here is creeping into the story, and it seems to me that we never seem to learn from our mistakes.

Our leaders, that is. Given a chance to make a real change after a one in a hundred year event, they’re ignoring the possibilities, and trying to consolidate or improve their power over the people.

But I digress…

Some of my disappointment is spilling over, and I’ll to be careful to keep it out.

In my stories, there’s always a happy ending.

For the bean counters, todays word count is 3,226 words, not much less than yeaterday, for a running total of 72,839.

I suspect this story is not going to come out under 120,000, until the first edit of course.

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