NaNoWriMo – Day 24

It’s all downhill from here.

I wish it was.

I see the list of chapters to be written and groan. The story is flowing, and ideas that were mere headings some weeks ago are turning into parts of the tale.

A backstory is being told in the background, fleshing out more about the realm the people how they came to be in the seven kingdoms, and what happened to the original people.

It’s like writing the history of the world.

Then there’s the ten mini adventures in collecting the artifacts that will reunite all the realm in peace.

If only it was that simple in reality. For some reason, the various peoples of the world cannot seem to come together, and there always has to be at least one nation (or kingdom) that wants to dominate the rest.

Perhaps that is the one flaw of all men, we are all supposed to be equal, but in the eyes of some, that can never be.

IT’s probably why we write fairy tales. It’s easier to write a story to make it happen rather than sit down and make it happen in reality.

For those statiticians among us, 2,733 words for the day, making a running total of 60, 420 words.

This project is exceeding all of my expectations.

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