NaNoWriMo – Day 20

This is where the true mettle of a writer is found, down there in the trenches, getting it done.

I feel like I’m surrounded on all fronts by the enemy and t’s going to require an extraordinary feat to save the day.

The trouble is I’m nearing exhaustion.

I can feel the tiredness, the strain, but above all else the desire to finish.

Can the mere feat of writing ever take on being heroic?

No. I guess not.

I signed up for the full 30 days. No pulling out now, no matter how much the tie is trying to pull me in another direction.

It’s pen to paper and be damned!

For the statisticians, todays word count is 2,727 words for a running total of 49,220.

It’s agonisingly close, and, hopefully sometime tomorrow I’ll cross that invisible line in the sand.

It’s just a pity the book will not be finished.

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