My opinions are my own

It’s always a good thing to get that across especially if you work for an organization that could misinterpret what that opinion is, or generally have an opposing opinion.  Of course, by saying your opinions are your own, you’re covering yourself from becoming unemployed, but is this a futile act?

Perhaps it’s better to not say anything because everything you say and do eventually find its way to those you want most not to hear about it, perhaps one of the big negatives of the internet and social media.


It seems odd to me that you can’t have an opinion of your own, even if it is contrary to that of the organization you work for, and especially if their opinion has changed over time.  An opposing opinion, not delivered in a derogatory manner, would have the expectation of sparking healthy debate, but it doesn’t always end up like that.

I’m sure there are others out there that will disagree, and use the overused word, loyalty’.   Perhaps their mantra will be ‘keep your opinions to yourself’.

This, too, often crops up in personal relationships, and adds weight to the statement, ‘you can pick your friends but not your relatives’.

I’m told I have an opinion on everything, a statement delivered in a manner that suggests sarcasm.  Whether it’s true or not, isn’t the essence of free speech, working within the parameters of not inciting hate, bigotry, racism or sexism, a fundamental right of anyone in a democracy?

Seems not.

There’s always someone out there, higher up the food chain, with an opinion of their own, obviously the right one, and who will not hesitate to silence yours.  But, isn’t it strange that in order to silence you, they have to use leverage, like your job, to get theirs across.

Well, my opinions are in my writing, and whether you agree with them or not, I’m sure you will let me know.  In a robust but respectful manner.

Unlike some, my door is always open.

One thought on “My opinions are my own

  1. Hi Charles,
    I think it is most important to be loyal to our own conscience. If others cannot handle a respectful and diverse debate then they are the ones with the problem. I feel that our rights to free speech are being chipped away everyday by this whining “Oh I am so offended” movement. As adults, we should all have the capacity to listen to other peoples’ points of view in a fair and objective manner. Nobody is going to agree at all times. In a democracy, we should have the right to express opposing views in our writing without fear of reprisal. Free speech (writing freely) in a manner which is not hateful, benefits society and challenges us all to think. The act of thinking is being destroyed by a movement that wants us to have “group think.” This is not healthy nor is it beneficial in the long run of history. Group think leads to totalitarianism. That is not a good thing for anybody nor any society. I say write what your heart tells you to; let your conscience guide you. That is exactly what I do. In fact, I got into an argument at a Playwrighting group because I ruffled some feathers with a play that stepped on some feet (I won’t go into detail here about the topic). Truth hurts; they couldn’t handle it.
    Side note-I am currently reading your novel and I truly enjoy it. The plot is fast paced and intriguing. I plan to write a review in a few weeks. Also, my book is now available on Kindle.

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