Is it Friday … Again?

It’s amazing just how fast the weeks are slipping by.

And how I don’t seem to be getting much done.  It’s like looking at a big circle that charts your times for the week.

Staring into space looking for inspiration, 85%

Getting distracted, 13%

Writing, 1%

Undecided, 1%

But I guess I am getting a lot of the preparatory work done, like setting up the next 5 Being Inspired posts – adding the photographs to be used as inspiration

See an example:

Adding the next 5 episodes of PI Walthenson’s first case, and re-writing as the second draft progresses in episodic form prior to posting them

See an example:

Then I had to create Twitter ads for the last 15 or so blog entries, which I’ve been putting off

See an example:

What I didn’t get done, and is probably the most important job, was fix my author website.  Perhaps next week.

Did I get to read?  No.  Unless you count a number of blog posts from bloggers I follow.

Did I get to work on any of the WIP books?  No.  Unless you count thinking about them while I’m asleep.

So, perhaps it will happen next week.

Tune in to find out!


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