First Dig Two Graves – The Final Draft – Day 10

The second Zoe thriller.

John is in Vienna, Austria.

It’s been quite some years since we were in Vienna, and I remember it was a very pleasant experience, and the copious notes and photographs I took have aided in the writing of this chapter.

There is no doubting the zeal Worthington will put into the capture or assassination of Zoe, if and when she is discovered, and John would be horrified if he knew he was being used in such a manner.

At times it is going to be a bit like reading an Eric Ambler thriller, going to the hotel, getting information from concierges, and then tracking her movements. Money, as always, speaks one language, pay enough and you will find out what you want to know.

We know Zoe is languishing in a basement somewhere in Bratislava.

John is about to find out that is where she went, but searching for someone in Bratislava is going to be completely different from searching for someone in Austria.

The same rules don’t apply in Hungary.

As for our visit, we stayed in the Hilton Vienna Park, though the park had a different name then. It wax also when we have our first authentic Vienna Schnitzel and sampled Austrian cherries.

From there we took the train to Schonbrunn Palace, with its extensive gardens and maze, and the impressive architecture, old rooms and paintings, and at the end, so many sets of crockery.

There was also a kitchen nearby that made Apple Strudel, where we watched it being made and then had a slice to taste afterward.

We also went to a Wiener Palace which served a large and varied number of sausages.

Unfortunately, there were no music recitals or orchestral events at the time of our visit.

Today’s writing, sampling the best Vienna had to offer, 2,731 words, for a total of 28,973.

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