NaNoWriMo – April – 2023 — Day 27

“The Things We Do For Love”

Henry and Diana are sent to a hospital where Henry’s father was on call, both appalled when he discovers the identity of one of the victims, and ready to operate on his son.

Banner curses his late arrival as the Turk got away, and so, apparently, did Michelle.

She returns briefly to see Henry and talk to Harry.  She asks if he is willing to help make those who caused Henry pain, and he readily agrees.

Henry survives but will be in an induced coma for a while.

Harry gets the call, and with some of his friends, they are off to capture those who caused Henry’s injuries, principally Felix and the Turk.  The mission is run by Michelle, whose slowly evolving plan has reached maturity.

First Felix, at one of the parlours.  He has one weakness, and it is his downfall.

Then the Turk, who thinks he is invisible, but there was one person who knows all of his secrets, his one weakness.

Both end up in a room, securely bound, awaiting their fate.

It’s going to be a long slow death.

Banner runs into one of his old felons, who just happens to be the Turk’s neighbour, and who is able to fill Banner in on some details, like who may have perpetrated the kidnapping.

He headed to Harry’s place and all but accuses him, but with no tangible evidence, all Banner has is suspicions.  He leaves empty-handed.

Words written 4,808, for a total of 103,134

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