“Strangers We’ve Become” – Countdown to publishing in 15 Days

A new edition of the Spanish inquisition

At what point do you stop ignoring the signs and start considering the possibility that:

  1.  Susan is no longer the woman he married, or
  2.  Susan has undergone such a transformation after the traumatising time her father put her through that she has completely changed, or
  3. The demands of running the Featherington commercial empire are such that there is no time left for David and Susan to spend time together in a meaningful way, or
  4. Susan is not his Susan, but another of the clones.

David certainly doesn’t want to believe the last option was the case.  There is enough from their current interactions to convince him that his Susan is in there somewhere, but those photographs he received in Moscow before the assassination attempt convinced him that it was possible the damage done by her father had changed her.

He never expected she would have an affair.

The thing is, did he know here all that well given the little time they had spent together?

Still reeling from the assassination attempt in Yaroslavl, and the fact it nearly cost Alisha her life, David decides it’s time to do a little investigating into the woman that is his wife.

For now.

And being on the inside, that surveillance job was going to be easy.


He just has to get past the new security detail Susan has hired.

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