It’s winter, it should be raining

Here’s the thing.

People just don’t like rain.  All I ever hear is complaints because they want to go away camping, they want to go shopping, or they have to go to children’s sports.

Not, of course, because they can’t mow the lawn!

And that pesky rain, well, it just makes everything more difficult.  Mud and dirt get trampled inside, the washing can’t be hung out to dry, it causes floods, it stops games being played, well, sometimes.  The pitch would have to be six feet under water before that happens.


Let’s think about the rain for a moment.

What if we didn’t get any rain?

There would be a drought.  There might not be any water.  Everything outside that needed water to survive, the sort of water rain provides, would die.  Then we’d have no flowers, no trees, no grass, oh, quite possibly no food, or oxygen.

A bit radical don’t you think, no food, no water, and no oxygen?

Hey, wouldn’t that be an interesting premise for an apocalyptic novel?

Usually, in a post-apocalyptic world, there’s still rain, water, and oxygen, you’d p[robably have to fight for food, but no one seems to go down that unthinkable path of losing everything.

Seems that happened around the time of the dinosaurs, when that comet hit the earth, blotted out the sun, and everything died, well, nearly everything.  It’s what I think is called an Earth Life Extinction Event.

Some say the same might happen if we have a nuclear holocaust, say America and Russia deciding to launch nuclear weapons on each other for some insane reason, knowing full well they would be condemning the whole world to a terrible end.

Nearly happened, I’m guessing.  That would make a good story.  Hang on, it’s been done before, a dozen or more times, and usually saved by a single man or woman whose actions never reach the ears of what would be a grateful public.

We’re a long way from simply wishing the rain to go away and come again some other day, aren’t we?

Let’s let someone else worry about the big picture.

And let’s not start thinking about post-apocalyptic novels that could get scarily real one day.

Sigh!   Only three more months of winter to endure, and it’ll be spring again.

Oh, and it’s raining again outside.

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