NaNoWriMo 2021 – Day 27

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A score to settle

Sometimes it takes a failure to make a success.

Well, that’s the theme I’m running with.

Of course, the leaders of the revolution take that failed attempt as a bad sign, but a severe setback sometimes causes that sort of introspection.

And the revolutionaries never quite know who’s on their side and who isn’t.

And there are those who are trying to keep out of harm’s way, do their job, and still get caught up in the middle of a war.

Revolutions are more than just the capture of radio stations, army barracks, and the airport. It’s always a good thing when a country doesn’t have too many airports or army bases. It also helps that the country is small and manageable and that its current leaders are corrupt and self-serving, and some very dangerous.

They are also helped by having the heart and soul of the citizens, not so much that they would take up arms and fight, rather, do nothing and get in the way. That in itself could be dangerous, but sometimes people act without thinking of the consequences.

Those you would least expect to step up and be counted.

It’s going to take more words than I have before it is supposed to be written by the end of the month, so this story is going to run into overtime.

So, stay tuned, for daily reports on how the revolution is progressing.

Today’s word count: 3,271 words, for the running total of 74,806.

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