NaNoWriMo 2021 – Day 20

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A score to settle

Today, it’s viva la revolution.

I’m writing the first part of what is about to unfold as a civilian takeover. Of course, planning aside, and not reckoning on opposition from what should be allies, it fails.

So, it’s not that the rebels had the wrong plan, they just didn’t think it through, or fully understand the circumstances of the person they chose to kidnap and try to use as leverage.

Perhaps this was the moment I was waiting for, and having all of the preliminary backgrounds, and setting all of the plot elements needed to lead to this point, this part is almost writing itself.

I’ve just got to make the really bad guy, badder, if that’s possible.

I want to show a human side to a character that cannot afford to have one, and that in stepping outside their comfort zone things can go horribly wrong very quickly.

And the main character that has returned too soon after a life-changing incident, can and will have moments where the loss of focus could have devastating results.

What’s that expression? Everything could go to hell in a handbasket.

Or not.

Stay tuned.

Today’s word count: 3,257 words, for the running total of 50,130.

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