NaNoWriMo 2021 – Day 9

A score to settle

It’s time for two events to happen. The first, a possible chance meeting with a woman in a bar, which, in ordinary circumstances, might just be a chance meeting in a bar, bit for an agent, it’s always something else.

The second, Teresa finally arrives on our main character’s doorstep, uninvited and unwelcome.

I’ve been looking at photos of various places in the Middle East, and I was hoping to go with a vibe similar to Cairo in Egypt, but there seems to be a lot of what I’m looking for in countries like Oman and Jordan, like below

Nizwa City, City, Beautiful, Old Town, Architecture

This scenery gives me the elements of the story, being near the mountains, there’s a large square that can be used for military parades, and buildings I’d expect to find in the location of the story.

It’s a pity we still cannot travel, at least not like we used to.

Today’s word count: 1,288 words, for the running total of 19.764.

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