I think I’m in an alternate reality…

You know how it is, you’re sitting in a chair working on the computer, much like reading a boring book, and you nod off.

And, then, suddenly you wake up…

There’s that moment when you wake up when you’re suddenly disorientated, and it takes a few seconds for the blurriness in both mind and eyes to go away.

That was me, right then.

It worried me, in a sense that in that moment of disorientation, I was not sure what I was doing before I found myself in that chair.

As the fuzziness diminished, I remembered I’d been working on the next chapter of my second novel but ideas wouldn’t come.  Staring at a blank sheet of paper had basically put me to sleep.  In front of me was the computer screen, but it was black.  It had switched off.

Moving in the chair slightly I accidentally moved the mouse, and the screen comes to life.

There was a document on the screen, that same blank sheet of paper, blank except for four words typed in the middle of the page:

You are not alone

Ok, did I typed that, and if I did, why?  I had an idea which had come to me in one of those flashes out of left field.  The one where the protagonist is alone at home, sitting in front of a computer, when…

Reality meets fiction …

A bright light comes on and stayed at the window behind me for a few seconds, the moved on, heading towards the rear of the house.

And then it happened, outside my window.  I saw the bright light come on, move slightly in both directions, before moving further away.

How could that be?  If anyone had come in the back gate the alarm would have gone off.

I got up and went over to the control panel for the alarm system, just inside the doorway to the room, and checked.

Yes, the alarm was still set.

I went into the dining room further towards the rear of the house, one that had a sliding door that led onto the patio.  The light was still there, oddly moving from side to side.

As I opened the sliding door, the light suddenly went out.  Was it the sound of the door opening with a slight screech warning whoever was out there.

I stepped out onto the deck and looked around.  There was an inky like darkness, and with overcast conditions and no moon, it was darker than usual.

I took another two steps towards the edge and stopped.  It was deathly quiet.

A minute, two, passed.  Nothing.  I shook my head thinking I was seeing things again and headed back to the doorway.

A sound.

I stopped and turned.  In that same second, I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped in fright.

“You fell asleep again.”  A familiar voice.

Still sitting in my chair in front of the computer, dreaming.

Until light suddenly flooded the window.

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