NaNoWriMo (April) – Day 30

It’s over, done, but not dusted.

There’s more writing to be done, but to get through nearly 70,000 words in 30 days is quite an achievement.

It’s been a battle, and time management has been shot to hell more than once.

There were days I honestly believed I’d get nothing done. I don’t know how people who have a day job could ever get much writing done at night.

I’m looking forward to a few days rest, and not have to face the word processor ready to input words.

As for how it will finish, the end is in sight, it may change but not substantially, and I will add a post in the next week to tell everyone what happened.

As for now, that’s it!

Today’s effort amounts to 3,676 words, for a total, so far, of 72,594.

No more tomorrow.

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