NaNoWriMo (April) – Day 29

I know it’s premature, but I have begin thinking about the next adventure Jack is to embark on.

Six months down the track, the relationship with Rosalie founders, he is looking for something, anything, to lift him out of the sea of self pity.

Is it a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’.

It’s a hell of a title for the story, too.

Maryanne is going to come out of left field and drag him down the rabbit hole of adventure because her latest assignment, and the one that will eventually determine whether she stays or goes, requires a boyfriend as cover.

How is she going to convince Jack? Well, I’m glad you asked, that’s a very interesting story.

Back in the other story, the one that should be finished but isn’t….

Jack finds himself in the seedier part of London looking for McCallister and Jacob, and finds more than he bargained for.

Yes, that blockbuster cinematic ending I’ve been promising…

Today’s effort amounts to 2,587 words, for a total, so far, of 68,918.

More tomorrow.

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