NaNoWriMo (April) – Day 25

Planning was the order of the day, and I needed to see where this story was going.

Firstly, a meeting with Maryanne’s handler will give some perspective on what might be in the mysterious diary.

After rescuing Jack’s mother, Jack has a host of questions; about his biological father, who is was, and what happened to him that he was sent to prison.

Jack makes further contact with his biological father, now that his mother is free, and considers a meeting, but he has to be careful where and when.

This meeting, if it happens, is to get some insight into who is after the diary, and for Jack to possibly mediate a resolution between all of the people who are after it.

It’s naïve of him to think he can tread a path between them and not get hurt in the process, but people do foolish things.

Remember that Rosalie is still out there with the diary and there might be/will be a concerted effort to find her. McCallister, the people who want the diary, Jack’s mother (now regretting dragging Jack into her problems), and Maryanne, and Jacob are looking for her.

There might be a possibility that Rosalie might read the diary, and then tell Jack – an eventuality that might cause more trouble.

Jacob is out there, very close, watching Jack, thinking Jack will lead him to the diary. Jack is going to ask McCallister to tell him about Jacob, thought I’m not sure whether I want him to consider the possibility of talking to him about the past.

Where is Jack’s mother’s twin (Her name is Chloe), and what is she doing. Last time Jack saw her, she was tied up in the empty apartment building. The conversation with her didn’t go so well.

Now, possible outcomes:

Jack’s mother isn’t Jack’s mother but Chloe masquerading as her,

Rosalie does in fact get caught, because she foolishly decided to find Jack and tell him what’s in the diary,

Jack’s meeting with McCallister is interrupted by both Maryanne and Jacob, and bullets fly, and people get injured,

Jack’s mother is not the innocent she pretends to be,

Jack’s life is far from what he thought it was.

Today’s effort amounts to 2,113 words, for a total, so far, of 60,200.

This story is not going to be finished inside the time limit, or the estimated 70,000 words. Not on current estimates anyway.

More tomorrow.

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