NaNoWriMo – Day 30 + 15

It’s a while since the last report, but the story in moving along, albeit at a slower pace.

I’m working on the last 20 chapters, each not very long, but have pivotal roles in the story, as we now get to see the legend from a number of different perspectives.

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

And that circumstance is having a big effect on our once frivolous princess. Had the realm had spun out in a different direction, she would have been destined for a completely different life, one without having to make a decision, or do anything for herself.

Now, the weight of the realm, literally, is on her shoulders.

And in a strange way, having been writing this story for nearly seven years, getting to the end is surreal for me, and will be a surprise for the readers.

I still don’t quite know exactly how it ends for everyone, but it will sort itself out.

For the word counters, another 3,679 words this session, for a total of 133,421.

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