An idea just came to me, and I had to get it down

It might not make much sense, but it can be worked on. You know how it is, the words come from nowhere, the story writes itself in your head at the awkwardest of moments, then if a free moment as soon as possible…

I’m finding the political situations in various countries around are providing a lot of interesting themes. One in particular resonated…

Many years ago I wrote a story that was about a spy who had hovered between life and death for a long time after being betrayed. Yes, it’s a recurrent theme if mine, but this was probably one of the first.

He gets a reprieve and is sent to a military junta run country, with the job to protect a national who is attending a state sponsorted conference on human rights, which is a contradiction in terms, for that type of military run country.

I think I was playing with irony at the time.


A major part of the story was getting caught up in a coup run by the people not the military, and the story played out with, in the storys case, it succeeding.

Unlike that which was inflicted at the capitol, there were a lot of elements missing, and in essence, the reason why a coup could never happen in America. You have to take and control the media, shut down and control all the airports, and have the whole military on side.

Then there’s all the people.

But, enough about that. It’s only aa plot line not a real event, but it shows that writers often come up with the ideas which sooner or later find their way into reality.

Perhaps we should have a permanent team of eriters available to take a situation, and brainstorm all the options therefrom. Imwilling to bed there might be twenty different sce riosof which at least one would come into fruition.

Something else I knew, this time next year there will be a flurry of political thrillers each with a different doomsday scenario, or resolution to the problem.

I might even have one of my own.

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