The day that never ends

It sounds like the title of a book and maybe I should write it.  Along with the twenty other story ideas that are currently running around in my head.

Is it  any wonder i can’t sleep at night.

I’m working on the latest book and it is not going well.  I don’t have writers block, I think it is more a case of self doubt.

This leads me to be over critical of what I have written and much pressing of the delete key.  Only to realise that an action taken in haste can be regrettable and makes me feel even more depressed.

I think I’d be happier in a garret somewhere channeling van Gogh’s rage.

Lesson learned – don’t delete, save it to a text file so it can be retrieved in saner moments.

I was not happy with the previous start.  Funny that because until a few weeks ago I thought the start was perfect.

What a difference a week makes or is that politics?

Perhaps I should consider adding some political satire.

But I digress.

It seems its been like that for a few weeks now, not being able to stick to the job in hand.  I recognised the restlessness, I’m not happy with tge story as ot is.

So I rewrote the start, added about a hundred pages, and now I have to do a mass of rewriting.

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