I looked at the calendar and got a shock

I’m guessing I’m not the only one.

November usually drags. Sometimes, being a so-called shoulder period for flying, we go off on a well deserved holiday when prices are affordable.

Not this year.

November is NaNoWriMo month so I have to stay home and get that done.

It was worth it because so far I’ve written 66,000 words, but there’s still a way to go, and I’m not going to finish it the 30 days allocated.  But it is fun to write.

This was withstanding the my disappointment that the ice hockey season hasn’t started yet but this is tempered by the discovery we can get the live coverage, at a reasonable hour of the day, via the internet.

I’m also looking forward to getting back to the blogs because I don’t have time to get anything else done.

My four episodic stories haven’t got a look in and they still sit where they were at the start of the month.

But December is just round the corner, and once I get the last chapters of the NaNoWriMo project completed, I’m straight back to the four stories.


Christmas has somehow managed to sneak up on me, but it will not be like any other, COVID has basically changed everything.  We are still trying to work out the logistics of it, even though we are supposedly COVID free, I still think it is lurking somewhere, and all out good work will be undone by a fool.  It has before, and it will again.

Perhaps I should be more optimistic, and hope Santa doesn’t get the virus.  Imagine the damage he could do, visiting every house in the world!!!!!!!!!

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