NaNoWriMo – Day 10

It’s officially time to panic!!!

Before I started today’s block of writing, I loaded up my trust Excel spreadsheet which holds a loose plan of the Chapters to be written in the book.

Well, that’s what I started with, but since I’ve been melding old and new together, and the story is coming together, I needed to go forward and make sure the chapters to be written followed the storyline as it is now.

That was a shock. After an hour of moving stuff around, going over what’s been written, and checking the word counts, up to yesterday there was a disparity of 12, from the NaNo total of 20077, the sheet told me I had 20089.

So far so good.

Then I listed the headings of all the chapters to go and it came out as 99. Yes, 99 chapters. And I have got about 40 written. So let’s do the math, 20 days, 59 chapters, that’s 3 chapters a day.

Is it possible?

It might. If I start cutting now, but even then, it’s still a monumental task.

Stick with me and let’s both see how this goes.

For the statisticians, todays total is 2,321 words, for a so far total of 22,398.

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