NaNoWriMo – Day 8

I have roughly written the first 3 sections of the story now, about 16 chapters of varying sizes, and I’m up to the cataclysmic event that sets the real story in motion.

I sometimes find that setting up the story can sometimes take longer than writing the part I really wanted to get to.

Equally, I sometimes find that I will write a chapter, or piece that is further on in the story, because inspiration for that seems to fill my head rather than for the part I’m trying to write.

Oddly, sometimes when I finally catch up, it fits right in, perfectly.

And sometimes it doesn’t.

But this usually only happens when I have roughly mapped the story out in outline form, which, because I want to get this finished, I have done.

Progress today was excellent, and I’m pleased with the parts I’ve done, or revised simply because when I was looking at it, it didn’t look right. Perhaps I’ll be less fussy as the time runs out and there’s much to be done.

For the statisticians, I wrote 1,782 words today, for a total of 17,439 so far.

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