NaNoWriMo – Day 6

I’ve turned my sights on the other side, what might be called the bad guys. Oddly what was going through my mind was the old Hollywood maxim that bad guys wear black, and as I was writing their introduction to the story, I had two if them definitely dressed in black.

It also speaks of dark times that are coming, and might easily be mistaken, at the beginning, of just another storm front that heralds the cold and bitter winter.

And it also sows the seeds of what causes a certain event that invokes a period of upheaval in the realm, and those that are major players at the outset, and some who find themselves thrust unwillingly into fray later on.

There will be other events before we get down to the main story.

As for the logistics, todays word total is 2,028, for a total so far of 13,106 words. Progress is being made, but today was a little difficult.

7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Day 6

    1. Mine at some point will be going into the woods, but they will be looking for 10 places where clues have been left, while fighting both invisible and visible enemies. Sorry, no talking trees, dwarfs, elves, trolls or ogres. You might consider something like that. Woods or forests always hide ruins, and danger lurks behind each tree.

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      1. That is so weird. My characters have just entered a forest, I di have dwarfs and elfs, but I also excluded the talking trees. They do encounter a white gate, which is a portal into another world. New Orleans.

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    1. It’s taking longer than I thought it would because the story has evolved into so much more than I thought it would be

      My grand daughter’s for whom the three princesses are involved in the story, are loving it.

      I have hopes it will be finished


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