NaNoWriMo – Day 3

I’m pleased because I managed to get the part of the story I wanted done, and make some headway into the next.

I have decided on a little more of an introduction to some of the characters, and just a little insight into the main character, Princess Marigold, a child really, even though she is deemed to be of age in their land, and how there are redeemable qualities, only she spends more time proving she has none.

That, of course, will only last for a very short time, because a calamity is coming, and she will be in the middle of it.

Next, will be an introduction to her younger sister Ophelia, who is anything but a Princess. She is the workaholic, pain in the neck kid who asked too many questions, and then questions the answers. She will have a role to play, but it will not be as straightforward as it might seem.

She, too, can be thought of as ‘strange’ as some kids are, but that is for a specific reason, and you will have to wait to find out what that is.

So, back to work, I have an hour, at least, before the day is up and a head start on the word count may come in handy further down the track.

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