NaNoWriMo – Day 2

Today, things go better.

I had to go to the hospital with my other half for an appointment with the doctor in the fracture clinic as she has a fracture in one of the tips of her fingers. Nasty and painful.


As with any hospital when they say your appointment is a ten am, when you sit down the sign on the wall says that a wait of up to two hours is possible, just in case any emergencies turn up.

So, time on my hands, it’s a perfect opportunity to write. Especially after she is sent to X-Ray, and kind of disappears. A tenuous text connnection keeps me informed of the wait time, and apparently the loss of her ticket to get the X-Ray, but staff are tracking it down.

Meanwhile back in the fracture clinic…

The story is going well, far better than I thought it would, and by the time she returns from X-Ray, an hour and a half has passed and I’ve got 1,200 odd words written.

I should come down here every day and write!

When I get home I transfer the words to the main book file and then meld it into the text already there, make some alterations to accommodate the new plot line, and presto, 1,746 words are done for the day for a total of 3,928 words so far.

I’m on target, but, as everyone knows, targets are there to be shot down, and I’m just hoping mine won’t, for a while anyway.

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Day 2

  1. Congrats on your progress. I’m surprised they allowed you onto the waiting room with your spouse. Around these parts, only the patient can go in. Our states Covid stats are in the red. There is talk of another lock down after we go to the polls on Tuesday. I should get in a lot of words then.

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