NaNoWriMo – Day 1

Well, as expected, the day did not go well. I guess this might the price I pay for trying to be prepared, and have a plan.

For me, things rarely run to a plan, no matter how minutely I plan everything.

Because this is in part, some old writing that was loosely brought together to become a story, and because I took the week before this started to get all of those pieces in some sort of order, when I sat down to begin, I got the legend sorted out in my mind, and then found the next piece of writing was slightly different.

In plot, and the position.

I discovered, after an hour of toing and froing, that some more was going to need to be written in between, so with a sigh, and a little anguish, read forward some other pieces, and found that it might be easier than I forst thought.

Six hours later, the sun setting, and the heat going out of the day, I took a break.

The day culminated in 2,182 words written, read, and reread again, just to be sure. Of course, after I’ve finished and the editing starts in earnest, it’ll be quite possibly a different story.

But, for now, I’m happy with my progress.

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