This year it’s going to be different

I’m guessing it will be the same for a lot of others.

We are currently coasting out of COVID 19 restrictions to a freer life that allows us almost all of our social norms.

October had seen the start of suburban sports again, from football, to tennis, to little athletics, and to which our youngest grand daughter has re taken up again.  It consumes three or four hours of a Friday night, under lights, and involves over a thousand children aged from 5 through to 17 and parents.

It’s one of a few welcome distractions from writing, and, of course, as a number of people know, November is NaNoWriMo month, and typically for me over the last three years, the time when I write, or finish a work in progress.

This year, as noted elsewhere, I’ll be working on my YA fantasy story.

Last year, November disappeared so quick I nearly missed it.  That’s what happens when its head down tail up buried in the writing.  There’s little time for anything else.

Many years ago, we used to go away somewhere overseas in November, because it was a six week window to cheap airfares.  Then, I guess more people realised it, started travelling, and airlines decided to increase their prices and killed that little treat.

More recently, we began to travel in the few days after Christmas, and return sometime in January, picking times that were reasonably affordable, and apparently people didn’t travel as much.

Now with COVID 19, there is no overseas travel and very little intrastate travel too because of cross border restrictions, so that will not be a distraction any time soon.  And, while it may upset others, I don’t really care.  More time to write, and plan for when we can go somewhere … though that appears it will be travel inside our own country.

And, hopefully, the ice hockey season might get under way, COVID 19 withstanding, and now that I’ve figured out how to get the live coverage over the internet, and at a reasonable hour of the day, it’s one sport I’m determined to make time for.

Since we can’t go, or more to the point, can’t afford to go to, the tickets to any Maple Leaf game at home in Toronto little short of horrendous for us overseas travellers, I guess I’ll survive watching it on TV.

So, I’ve shipped in a supply of Molson beer, and I’m ready to go.

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