An idea just came to me, and I had to get it down – Part 6

It might not make much sense, but it can be worked on. You know how it is, the words come from nowhere, the story writes itself in your head at the awkwardest of moments, then if a free moment as soon as possible…


The morning the bandages were to come off she came in bright and early and woken me.  I had another restless night, the images becoming clearer, but nothing recognisable.

“This morning the doctor will be removing the bandages over your eyes.  Don’t expect an immediate effect.  Your sight may come back quickly or it may come back slowly, but we believe it will come back.”

I wanted to believe I was not expecting anything, but I was.  It was probably human nature.  I did not want to be blind as well as paralysed.  I had to have at least one reason to live.

I dozed again until I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder.  I could smell the lavender, the other doctor was back.  And I knew the hand on my shoulder was Winifred’s.  She told me not to be frightened.

I was amazed to realise in that moment, I wasn’t.

I heard the scissors cutting the bandages.

I felt the bandage being removed, and the pressure coming off my eyes.  I could feel the pads covering both eyes.

Then a moment where nothing happened.

Then the pads being gently lift and removed.


I blinked my eyes, once, twice.  Nothing.

“Just hold on a moment,” Winifred said.  A few seconds later I could feel a cool towel wiping my face, and then gently wiping my eyes.  Perhaps there was ointment, or something else in them.

Then a flash.  Well, not a flash, but like when a light is turned on and off.  A moment later, it was brighter, not the inky blackness of before, but a shade of grey.

She wiped my eyes again.

I blinked a few more times, and then the light returned, and it was like looking through water, at distorted and blurry objects in the distance.

I blinked again, and she wiped my eyes again.

Blurry objects took shape.  A face looking down on me, an elderly lady with a kindly face, surely Winifred, who was smiling.  And on the opposite side of the bed, the doctor, a Chinese woman of indescribable beauty.

I nodded.

“You can see?”

I nodded again.


I nodded.

“Very good.  We will just draw the curtains now.  We don’t want to overdo it.  Tomorrow we will be taking off the bandages on your face.  Then, it will be the next milestone.  Talking.”

I couldn’t wait.

© Charles Heath 2020

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