An idea just came to me, and I had to get it down – Part 5

It might not make much sense, but it can be worked on. You know how it is, the words come from nowhere, the story writes itself in your head at the awkwardest of moments, then if a free moment as soon as possible…


The next day I didn’t wake feeling nauseous.  Perhaps they’d lowered the pain medication.  I’d heard that morphine could have that effect.  Then, how could I know that, but not who I am?

I knew now Winifred the nurse was preparing me for something very bad.  She was upbeat, and soothing, giving me a new piece of information each morning.  This morning, “You do not need to be afraid.  Everything is going to be fine.  The doctor tells me you are going to recover with very little scarring.  You will need some physiotherapy to recover from your physical injuries, but that’s in the future.  We need to let you mend a little bit more before then.”

So, I was not going to be able to leap out of bed, and walk out of the hospital any time soon.  I don’t suppose I’d ever leapt out of bed, except as a young boy.  I suspect I’d sustained a few broken bones.  I guess learning to walk again was the least of my problems.

But, there was something else.  I picked it up in the timbre of her voice, a hesitation, or reluctance.  It sent another chill through me. 

This time I was left awake for an hour before she returned.

This time sleep was restless.

There were scenes playing in my mind, nothing I recognised, and nothing lasting longer than a glimpse.  Me.  Others, people I didn’t know.  Or perhaps I knew them and couldn’t remember them.

Until they disappeared, slowly like the glowing dot in the centre of the computer screen, before finally fading to black.

© Charles Heath 2020

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