An idea just came to me, and I had to get it down – Part 3

It might not make much sense, but it can be worked on. You know how it is, the words come from nowhere, the story writes itself in your head at the awkwardest of moments, then if a free moment as soon as possible…



It was the first word that popped into my head when I surfaced from the bottom of the lake.  That first breath, after holding it for so long, was sublime, and, in reality, agonising.  Magic, because it seemed like I’d spent a long time under water.

Or somewhere.

I tried to speak, but couldn’t.  The words were just in my head.

Was it night or was it day?

Was it hot, or was it cold?

Where was I?

Around me it felt cool.

It was very quiet.  No noise except for the hissing of air through an air-conditioning vent.  Or perhaps that was the sound of pure silence.  And with it the revelation that silence was not silent.  It was noisy.

I didn’t try to move.

Instinctively, somehow I knew not to.

A previous bad experience?

I heard what sounded like a door opening, and very quiet footsteps slowly come into the room.  They stopped.  I could hear breathing, slightly laboured, a sound I’d heard before.

My grandfather.

He had smoked all his life, until he was diagnosed with lung cancer.  But for years before that he had emphysema.  The person in the room was on their way, down the same path.  I could smell the smoke.

I wanted to tell whoever it was the hazards of smoking.

I couldn’t.

I heard a metallic clanging sound from the end of the bed.  A moment later the clicking of a pen, then writing.

“You are in a hospital.” A female voice suddenly said.  “You’ve been in a very bad accident.  You cannot talk, or move, all you can do, for the moment, is listen to me.  I am a nurse.  You have been here for 45 days, and just come out of a medically induced coma.  There is nothing to be afraid of.”

She had a very soothing voice.

I felt her fingers stroke the back of my hand.

“Everything is fine.”

Define fine, I thought.  I wanted to ask her what ‘fine’ meant.

“Just count backwards from 10.”


I didn’t reach seven.

© Charles Heath 2020

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