I looked out the back door and saw this…

Spring turning into summer

I have to say the sight of pure blue skies again means that the warm/hot weather is back, time to switch the air conditioner from heating to cooling, and to stock up the refrigerator.

Since last year we bought a new fridge, one with the ice maker and cold water outlet so we don’t have to make ice the laborious way, and run out right at the wrong moment.

It’s also going to be excellent weather for writing now that I’ve almost cleaned up my writing room, and almost put away all of the books in the shelves which now adorn all four walls.

Last count there was over 3,000 books available to read, and I have written my own library program in Microsoft Access, simply because there are also over 10,000 fiction and non fiction eBooks in my library and I needed to keep track of them somehow.

There are quite a few books on how to write, writing propoer grammar (which sometimes is not my strong point) and endless dictionaries and thesauruses. There’s even half a dozen crossword dictionaries, because I usually spend an hour being distracted by the Times crossword and the New York Times crossword.

I’m still trying to work out how to do the cryptic crosswords.

But, with that all out of the way for the day it’s time to get back to the writing desk. The words are not going to write themselves, are they?

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