The news as dystopian inspiration

I never thought I quite understood the notion of dystopia until now. OK, I seen a few shows and books that sort of cover some aspects of it, but I’m beginning to understand the broader brushstrokes.

For instance the meaning relates to an imaginary state of society where there is great suffering or injustice.

My first thought, after following the news on the upcoming election in the United States.

Well, it’s not imaginary, but it’s hard to imagine that what’s happening as we speak is happening at all. Endless riots protesting over, yes, injustice. The perceived notion by some that American cities are somewhat akin to police states, and that both innocent and guilty live in equal fear of what is being described as militarised police forces.

That only exists in the minds of dystopian writers doesn’t it, so should we consider one or two have transitioned into journalism, and letting their imaginations run wild?

I cannot believe that a reporter would say that the current president needs the riots to continue so he can espouse a law and order platform in order to wind the election. Wouldn’t he end the rioting long before that?

Will the next step in the so-called battle between the state and the people, groups of freedom fighters, anarchists, creating a resistance, that sorts of organisations that exist only in war time to fight, or what? And for what reason? To fight, or achieve, Socialism, Egalitarianism, a dictatorship, Insurrection?

Does the Military take a side. Any dictatorship worth it’s salt has the military on side. but it’s usually a Corporal who promotes himself to General that leads it.

As we all know in a dystopian type story, there’s the good side and the bad side, but both believe they are right and the other is wrong. There’s no middle ground, and because of it, there is no good side, only two bad sides both fighting to gain control.

In this story, elections will have no part to play in the fight, except to polarise the reasons to escalate the ‘war’ because both will claim victory, and refuse to stand down.

Except, for a story to work, it needs a hero.

Somewhere along the road from 1776 an ideal morphed into a dystopian quagmire, the meaning of the Constitution lost in translation, and further muddied by various amendments. The founding fathers would be turning in their graves at what has happened to the country they once saw could be the greatest nation in the world.

And that hero be it man, woman, or organisation, does not have a lot of time to ‘right the ship’ before it capsizes and sinks.

It better be soon. I have one visit left and I’d like to see New York at least one more time before I die.

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