There are disturbing similarities…

Between Germany in 1933, and the United States in 2020.

Here’s the plot of a story, where fiction can sail very close to reality.  Still, you have to take it all with a grain of salt because it’s just that, FICTION.

No disrespect is intended to anyone mentioned in this fictional outline, it’s just the usual delusional ramblings of a writer whose imagination is on fire.

So, how does the story go?

It’s the little things that gradually disappear.  And no one really notices, or cares, until it’s too late.

Except for a few who benefit from the changes.

Voting will be rigged one way.  For the current president whose name for the purposes of this story will be Ferguson, and his political party of choice.  All this skirmishing about postal ballots, is just phase one in a huge snow job that Ferguson himself has said will not favour his party of choice, or himself.  A truth, or is it a lie.

A sane person would know that if the ballots can be meddled with, then his political party would be welcoming this method of voting with open arms.  It is because they know it can’t be rorted, they’re so against it?

As P T Barnum said once, there’s a sucker born every minute.  Ferguson knows this and is an expert at using it to his advantage.

If Ferguson gets a second term, you can be assured of two things.

One, he will become president for life.  Two, anything that resembles opposition will be destroyed or killed.

Dystopian?  Maybe.

The reality, well, who knows what the future will bring.

But if there’s a sudden demand for huge stadiums holding 500,000 people, then start worrying.  You’ve seen the beginnings of these ‘rallies’ through previous presidential campaigns.   How soon before swastikas begin to appear?

Just wait until there are 100,000 armed brown brown shirts there to quell opposition.

You’ve seen the beginnings, of these gunmen attending various venues, reportedly there to ‘protect their rights’.  At the moment they are relatively disorganized, but it only takes a little time, and a charismatic but quite mad man, to turn these people into hunting parties.

In 1933 everyone thought Hitler was just a little pipsqueak.  But, charismatic, and persuasive, he turned a nation of rabble into, well, you know what happened.  And if you don’t, time to hit the history books before history repeats itself.

If you’re like me and think it could never happen to you, well, think again.

You are going to let it happen.

You’re going to let your principal vessels of free speech be shut down.  If it doesn’t fit the Ferguson narrative, it should not exist.  What once was the pinnacle of free countries is about to become the new China, with no social media outlets for the population to find out what’s really going on.

No NYT, no CNN, Fox News becomes Ferguson News.  You get to see and hear only what Ferguson News wants you to hear.

If you oppose the Ferguson narrative, you are an enemy of Ferguson.

Not the country, mind you, you’re an enemy of Ferguson.

It’s no longer about the COVID 19 pandemic.  Forget that.  COVID 19 was just the excuse Ferguson was looking for to play on your fears.

But, it’s what’s coming that is going to be far, far worse.  Planned euthanasia for the elderly and ‘different’, attitude readjustment camps for those who don’t meet the Ferguson American patriot standard, concentration camps for the rest.  Dissent?  Well, there’s a camp for you too, where you’ll be whisked away in the dead of night, never to be seen again.

Will history repeat itself?

It’s a scary thought, made even scarier because no one is doing anything about it.

4 thoughts on “There are disturbing similarities…

  1. I’ve also seen the connection between Nazi Germany and what’s happening today. The only difference is I see it happening from both parties. It’s as if the entire system is rigged to lead the people in a downward spiral.

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  2. Hi Charles, I’ve been scouring countries that would accept Americans as asylum seekers, but it seems that the rest of the world absolutely despises the United States. We have become the most mocked and hated nation on earth, yet people from all over the world keep clamoring to come here. I have no idea why actually. Our freedoms are quickly becoming eroded. Well paid jobs have been outsourced. Our history is being re-written. Our historical monuments are being burned. Our flag is being burned and desecrated. I am very afraid of the upcoming election. I fear that both parties want to usher in a totalitarian regime. I’ve never seen anything that this-all the violence, fear, antagonism. If you’re a praying man, please pray for the United States because as the United States goes most other countries soon follow. Sorry to ramble so, but it is just so very scary and I truly believe you’ve made an unfortunately correct analysis.

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    1. You and anyone who wants to come to Australia will always be welcome. Our only aversion to asylum selkers seems to be if they arrive by boat from Asia, but in the end we accept all who wish to come here. I’m sure if you wanted to come here, or New Zealand you will be more than welcome.
      And what’s good about living here, we c an disparage our politicians without upsetting anyone because we don’t really care. They never seem to get anything done, and the only time we see them is at election time.
      And whats even better, you don’t have to vote for the major parties, you can vote for a minor party who quite often finishes up with the balance of power, which can bring some amusing results over the life of parliament.
      And at least here you will get the truth about Covid 19, and a government yhat r eally cares about your health over everything else.

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