And now for something different…

I was on my out to the rubbish bin when I realised there was a fullish moon tonight.  The sky was clear, and I was considering looking for planets, but it was that bright orb in the sky that piqued my interest.

It’s supposed to be a photograph of the moon, but unfortunately, taking night photos on my Samsung Galaxy 10 smartphone wasn’t quite able to be smart enough to make a decent photo of it.

Instead it looks more like a UFO.

Which, of course, got me thinking…

This is the trouble with writers with a few spare minutes.  The germ of an idea pops into your head, and suddenly you have to get the ideas down before they’re gone.

I like the idea of looking up in the sky looking at what you think is the moon, it certainly looks like the moon, but very quickly surprises you when it suddenly moves … sideways.

The moon dies not move sideways, it goes, generally, up and down, or diagonal.  So, mesmerised by this slow moving very bright object, it then does a quick flash and is gone.

Empty clear sky, lots of stars shining, perhaps a planet or two somewhere out there, and, after a minute, a shrug.  Time to go back inside.


The bright orb returns, much larger this time, and appears to hover not far from the end of the street, though your night vision is playing tricks and it’s probably a million miles away.

Until a beam of light appears from the underside of the orb, slowly going down to the planet surface.

What happens next, you ask?

Perhaps tomorrow night it’ll look different.

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