Well, that was my August

I have been busy, busy, busy writing this month, but as much as I have done, it still feels like I’m not getting anywhere.

For instance, both ‘The Things we do for Love’ and ‘Strangers We’ve Become’ are still with the editor for the final checking, where I’d expected to be in a position to publish them this month.

It may have something to do with the sending of two new novels, ‘If Only’ and ‘Betrayed’ for first perusal after I completed the third edit, and felt both were ready for someone else to look at.

They will be joined by ‘First Dig Two Graves’, the second Zoe thriller later this month.

Then there’s the episodic stories I’ve been writing, each of which will become a novella eventually. But to begin with, they are episodes as and when I can find the time, and published in their raw form on my writing blog as the ideas come.

They are:

What happens after an action-packed start – now finished with the publication of episode 47.

You can find the end here: https://bit.ly/2Yxnh1k

It’s a story inspired by the Castello di Briolio – I have yet to write more episodes

The latest episode, 36, is here: https://bit.ly/3h1DCCC

So you want to go on a treasure hunt – this has been written up to episode 54, and episodes 55 – 60 have been outlined.

Find the latest episode, 47, here: https://bit.ly/31EHunK

Was it just another surveillance job – has been written up to episode 45

Find the latest episode, 36, here: https://bit.ly/3aeMvX5

I’ve started on the replacement episodic story for ‘Action-Packed’ called ‘Motive, Means and Opportunity’ and have several episodes written. Publishing that story will begin some time in September.

Alas, the ideas never stop, and the notebooks are filling up.

And with the pandemic and having to stay in, this had greatly increased the amount of time I have to write. But it is exhausting, and when the travel restrictions are lifted, I will be going away to some quiet place where I can unwind for a week or two.

Some time, we’re told, around mid 2021.

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