The picture does not tell the story.

Like a lot of photographs, what you see is not quite what you get.

Consider this..

To anyone who has travelled on a plane and was lucky enough to get a Windows seat, it’s simply a picture of the plane on its way to the destination.


What’s really going on?

Is the plane off course, and heading in a different direction, and since the navigation systems are out, no one knows where they’re going?

Or has someone or something taken pout all the satellites and communications, so they occupants are all alone, up in the sky?

Is there a problem with the landing gear, and they’re circling to dump fuel?  Will it be a crash landing?  Who will survive, who will not?

And, is there a hero aboard?

All very good questions, and plot lines for a story.  I have to pick one, and will write the accompanying story soon.

What does this photograph inspire for you?

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