It’s just another Sunday

Outside it’s sunny but cold. We have had better days, but winter has been struggling to get through about of reasonably warm weather. Now it’s going to hang around for a few days, before it’s gone forever. Well, till next year. Wednesday is predicted to be 27 degrees centigrade, and will no doubt be the start of a very long summer.

Of course, we were all dreading winter because of the possibility of a second wave of COVID 19, but in Queensland that didn’t happen. It was further south, in Victoria and New South Wales.

And, oddly, over the seas in New Zealand.

It put a dent in our travel plans because we were planning to go there as soon as the borders opened, but that’s gone by the wayside. They had it stamped out, lasting 102 days before it insidiously came back.

It’s nasty this virus. It apparently came over from China as part of a container of frozen chicken wings, the virus surviving in sub zero tempertures so that it can infect anyone who picks up an item. It got into the food distributor’s factory, and ran riot after that. One infection has turned into 40, and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better.

So, now we have to beware of imported frozen food, and there is a lot of that here, and more than likely, its all over the world as time, a hidden threat to everyone.

Perhaps its time to stop looking at the news, because it’s all depressing.

Instead, it’s time to go back to reading thrillers, starting with James Patterson.

I’ve lost the will to work on my latest book, mainly because the draft is finished but I don’t like some of what’s written, so I’ll let it sit for the time it takes to read a few of my favorite authorsg and see if I can draw some inspiration, or determination, from them.

Or maybe tomorrow I’ll feel different.

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