Delving into the inspirational photo bin…

I found this…

So near and yet so far.

What I found was the moon out in the late afternoon, a phenomenon that might happen on a regular basis, but this one of the few times I’ve seen it.

So, what kind of inspiration does this bring to mind?

A chance to fly to the moon?  Move into the future, and, out one afternoon staring into space, you see the moon, but don’t think anything of it.

Until you come home, and on the TV there’s an add for trips to the moon, a lunar holiday, a chance to stay in a five-star hotel, perhaps catch the launching of a supply ship to Mars, or a round of moon golf?

And what if, on the way to the moon, something goes wrong?

Or better still, after you’ve landed, there’s a murder, and you’re the only qualified detective?

Not original, but a quirky story with endless possibilities, with the possibility that the blood spatter, is floating in space, with the victim, in a room with no atmosphere?

I can feel a story coming on!

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