Writing progress – July

I usually get this out just after the end of the month, but last month felt like it’d been going for three.  Time was passing exceptionally slowly, except for when I sit in front of the computer with a blank page.

Then it goes very quickly for some reason.


I’m still working on four separate episodic stories,

A treasure hunt

A rescue mission, as it turned out to be,

A war story, which is now about helping a defecting German rocket scientist


A brand new agent who discovers he was not necessarily what he thought he was

It shows how stories evolve over time, especially if you are not a planner, and you just ‘go for it’.  Episodic stories are like that, and that’s why I like doing them.

As for the rescue mission, which was subtitled ‘what happens after an action-packed start’, the writing has finished, with a total of 47 episodes.

The latest published, Episode 46, is here:  https://bit.ly/3fn0NWr

As for the treasure hunt, it proceeds apace and has a total of 52 episodes written and at the moment the latest Episode 45, is published here:  https://bit.ly/33JmU7w

The surveillance story, that is to say, what started out as a surveillance exercise, had evolved into so much more and has 45 episodes written, and the latest published, Episode 35 is here:  https://bit.ly/2Dg2QyA

I’ve sat down and written some more episodes for the war story, and there are now 37 written, and the last published, episode 35 is here:  https://bit.ly/3gcBI1E

Moving on from the A to Z challenge which saw 26 short stories written, most exhausting work, you can imagine I needed a break from the written word.   I’ve got past that, and moved on to the next novel which will soon be published, “The Things We Do For Love”, which I’m hoping will be ready by September.

That’s a bit like a politician’s promise, but I’m working as fast as I can given all the other constraints.  It’s not the sort of pressure I ever want to work under, but I think in the end it will do some good.  Next time I have a deadline…

And, now the action-packed story has ended, I want to replace it with another, and this will most likely be one I’ve been toying with over the last three months, called Motive, means, and opportunity.

It’s about an innocent man being condemned by circumstantial evidence.  Or is he?


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